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Sampson LOVES his frequent flyers! We've gone through one since the last order - working on #2 and still have a third for a backup! It is without any doubt his FAVORITE toy! Every day when John gets home from work Sam waits at the doorway to the garage for him to get the toy out to go play! He isn't allowed to have them on his own.........
Debbie and Sampson the Newf

I thought I would send in a picture of my bulldog, Brodie, swimming with his Frequent Flyer toy. Brodie is a 7 year old English Bulldog who swims on his own since he had knee surgery in 2003. He is a very enthusiastic swimmer and loves to retrieve toys in the water. Since bulldogs aren’t known for swimming, I thought you needed to have a bulldog in your photo gallery.
Sandy and Brodie the bulldog

Wanted to thank you for your great dog products!  The attached picture is our girl Piper with her SQWUGGIE purchased at J&H Lan Mark Store in Lexington, KY.
Peg and Zeus, Libertyville, IL
Kristen and Cliff and Piper
Charlotte, NC

Zeus, our 105 lb Dobie, chews up every other toy in 15 minutes! I shop for super durable toys all of the time and all over the place and finally found Katie’s Pet Products. His Super Sqwuggies holds up for months and he LOVES them!
Peg and Zues, Libertyville, IL

I have a dog day care and I'm always looking for interesting toys but most importantly strong toys. About two months ago I purchased two of the square Frequent Flyers and the dogs loved them and I loved even more because they can take a lot of abuse including three large dogs playing tug at the same time. Of course no toy is strong enough to handle so many chewers and the flyers are finally giving up so I already got two more. No toy ever lasted so long! At least none that the dogs liked so much. I saw more of your products at the store and I'm going to try them out.  Good job!!!!!
Marta, owner of Paws @ Play Doggie Day Care

Our dog Harry comes to work with us everyday and he loves his frequent flyers! I can’t even keep them in the store, because Harry barks and whines for me to give him a new one everyday!!  What should I do?
Lynn and Marty, owners of All Sports Eyewear

Note from Jill: Seems that Harry is your best sales person and you should figure out how to bring them into the store! Whine, bark or not! He will sell them all for you in a week! And you can buy some 2nds for Harry so you don’t have to give him your entire inventory!

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